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engage2 vision and missionengage2 is a global network of specialists helping organisations maximise their social impact.

We use innovative engagement and collaboration methods and technologies to help organisations understand and work with community.

Preparing organisations through pilot projects, and the embedding of systems and organisational change so that they can lead social, civic and democratic innovation.

We believe engagement and collaboration are key to representative democracy, sustainable smart cities and resilient communities.

We help open government by increasing public participation in government and the delivery of social outcomes.

Our vision is a world in which government and business encourage people to contribute to their community and affect real change.

Amelia Loye, Founder and Managing Director

Amelia LoyeAmelia Loye is a social scientist, specialising in community and stakeholder engagement, social impact and democratic innovation.

For over 15 years, she has been helping governments and organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada understand communities and engage stakeholders in the design and delivery of policy, programs and services.

In 2012, Amelia founded engage2 so she could work with peers around the world to scale the impact of her work. She now builds and lead teams of specialists that pilot and teach innovative methods with organisations that want to understand, engage and work with communities.

An internationally recognised expert in her field, Amelia speaks regularly at conferences, designs training and facilitates workshops and academies for social innovators around Australia and overseas. The United Nations Economic and Social Council invited her to speak in 2018 about methods she’s been trialling to increase public participation in sustainable, resilient societies. Amelia is a regular contributor to The Mandarin, a platform for Australian public sector leaders.

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Our Affiliates and Partners

We pride ourselves on our relationships and we champion a new, innovative way of doing business: in collaboration. An approach where teams, strategies and systems for engagement are curated, based on your project and organisational needs.

Throughout her career, Amelia has sought innovators, mentors and peers in her field and she now has built strong partnerships with public participation, collaboration, open government, democratic and social innovation across the country and the globe.

Collectively, we have worked on hundreds of projects, with multiple governments and organisations around the world. Our methods are tried and tested so you can be sure you are working with the best in the business.

We support one another to design and deliver projects, and to measure the impact of our work with governments and organisations striving to have a positive social impact. Our deep collective experience gives you confidence to pilot new techniques and institutionalise better practices and systems in your organisation and community.

We are always looking for innovative specialists to partner with, so please get in touch if you see an opportunity for us to work together amelia@engage2.com.au

  • Australia New Zealand Smart Cities Council – Coalition of leading organisations that seeks to advance the liveability, workability and sustainability of the world’s cities
  • The Mandarin – Public sector news, government learning
  • Collaborate for Impact – Enables people to tackle big, tough problems and create large scale impact through collaboration
  • Public Sector Network – Independent research organisation designed to help government collaborate and learn better
  • Code for Australia – Civic tech organisation that creates opportunities for the public and private sectors to come together and create impact at scale
  • ARTD – a leading public policy consultancy firm, providing services in evaluation, research and strategy since 1989.
  • Geografia – Demographic, economic and spatial analytics firm
  • ImpactAbility Solutions –  professional social impact and investment researchers
  • mySociety – Not-for-profit social enterprise that builds websites to empower citizens worldwide
  • Mercury Project Solutions – Collective of independent spatial information consultants
  • Vancouver ChangeCamp – Participatory ‘unconference’ for imagining and building new ways to collaborate for social change
  • Sticky Design Studio – Specialists in Human-centred Design and Co-design supporting organisations to design and deliver exceptional and meaningful products, services and experiences
  • Govlab – strengthen the ability of institutions to work more openly, collaboratively and effectively to address public problems.
  • From.Here.On. – Business Design and Architecture consultancy
  • Dr. Louise Metcalf – Organisational Psychology, Change and Leadership expert
  • Martin Rodgers – Facilitation and engagement specialist
  • Dane Murray – Innovation education, space maker and knowledge worker
  • The Scale Institute –  developing entrepreneurial leadership capability
  • Steve Williams – Public engagement, social innovation and technology strategist
  • Calan Holmes – Data Scientist

Our Partners


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