#ChangeCampAU team get their jam on to design an awesome experience for you!

 On a beautiful Saturday morning, the Design Team gathered to develop the participants’ end-to-end experience at the upcoming #ChangeCampAU on July 1.

We held the design jam at the ChangeCamp venue, the UTS Business Practice, so the team could understand how participants would feel from the second they walk through the door, when they register and at key points throughout the day.

Lina Mbirkou and David Pointon facilitated the jam and encouraged us to collaboratively decide on what activities we’d like to see on the day and the outcomes we’d like to see the event achieve.

ChangeCamp Design Team

Design Team: Lina Mbirkou, Khali Young, David Pointon, Alice Simpson-Young, Samantha Strachan, Amelia Loye, Tirrania Suhood, Dane Murray

Designing the ChangeCamp experience

We used experience design methods to profile the types of people that would be in the room, how they would feel during different stages of the day, and what they might need to get out of it.

We explored the different sectors and roles of participants, both at work and at home, and discussed why they were coming to ChangeCamp on a Saturday. We then landed on five types of participants:

  1. Change Makers
  2. Dreamers
  3. Opportunists
  4. Guides/mentors
  5. Curious Cats

All these people will contribute in different ways and will expect different outcomes from the day. We considered this as we moved through different stages in the process: before the event, arrival at the event, during the sessions and movement between them.

What you can expect on the day

We are thrilled to have an opening from Kerry Graham from Collaboration for Impact, who will be talking about collaboration, building resilience, how to build a sustainable initiative and more. Sessions before lunch will be hosted by you – register now and suggest a session.

A light breakfast, morning tea, lunch and some nibbles for afternoon tea will be provided by Parliament on King, a social enterprise working with asylum seekers and refugees, in partnership with local Australians. After lunch you’ll be treated to a collaborative surprise from the Human Sound Project before we go into more participant-led sessions.

ChangeCampAU outcomes

We hope to see three outcomes of the day:

  1. Tangible, measurable outcomes – specific actions that will be progressed (and potentially measured) after the event
  2. Partnerships – collaborations among participants
  3. Tribe – networks of people with aligned interests who can support each other to deliver social change

Throughout the day and after the event, we envision individuals, organisations and government representatives adopting new initiatives and joining forces with others doing similar things. We also hope to see new partnerships form between industry, public sector, NGO and community , all with common motivations for change.

Finally, we hope to see new ‘tribes’ form. A lot of us are tired, we work hard and delivering social outcomes can be a constant uphill battle. We need to ensure personal resilience, and that requires building a community of friends and supporters around you. We hope you can meet like-minded new friends at ChangeCampAU!


How can you participate?

Host a session to inspire, build community and help us maximise our social impact. We’re encouraging people to talk about what they are doing for communities across Sydney, to share what they have learned about altruism, collaboration and maximising your social impact in a sustainable resilient way, and to invite help

We want the right people in the room! Please tell your networks/friends to register here, see our website, Twitter, Facebook page and download the flyer.

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