Engaging News – 11.09.2017

Civic Engagement

Technology and disruption are podcast topics with sustainability pioneer John Elkington, speaking about the need for sustainability specialists to engage with the tech industry, to make sure innovation aligns with sustainable development. http://thesustainabilityagenda.com/episode-15-interview-john-elkington-exponential-technologies-climate-change-sustainable-development/

Through deliberative civic engagement city streets are being reclaimed to create pocket parks in Australia. https://www.foreground.com.au/public-domain/roads-to-parks-for-people/

Civic engagement, social impact and civic tech are a focal point of Deb Thomas, Web Manager for the Australian Treasury. http://blog.delib.net/digital-hero-deb-from-australian-treasury/

Examples of how Kansas City is creating more collaborative civic engagement through smart cities tech. https://www.citylab.com/solutions/2017/09/kansas-city-smart-city-bob-bennett-technology/538563/?utm_source=feed?utm_source=twb

Russell J Dalton warns about the widening participation gap of civic engagement and democracy http://www.democraticaudit.com/2017/08/22/is-citizen-participation-actually-good-for-democracy


Smart Communities

The Internet of Things Security Foundation and Australian Smart Communities have announced a new partnership together, enhancing data confidentiality in Smart Cities. http://australiansmartcommunities.org.au/content/partnership-acknowledges-smart-city-cyber-security-importance


Australian Law changes and institutional warnings

ASIC urges for accountability and an ethical approach when businesses and government use algorithms and big data. http://bit.ly/2xJMZ7b

Aus. law change removes the double taxation of cryptocurrency and means startups can crowdfund capital raising. http://bit.ly/2x6xVjh


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