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There are rumblings across the globe. Brexit. The influence of social media on election results.

Democracy is being disrupted. The legitimacy of Western Democracy and of governments around the world is being questioned.

People want to see change, they want to get involved.

Digital democracy is here, but what exactly does that mean?

New methods and technologies are emerging to help open government and transform our representative system into a more participatory one.

It’s important for smart leaders and governments to understand the potential of these tools if they are to help their organisations adapt and remain relevant.

If we were to rethink democracy, where would we, as a community, start? Is there a way to leverage lessons from the past, democratic innovations and new technologies to reshape a democracy that works for the future?

Facilitated by Ross Dawson, a panel of leading academics and professionals in democracy and community engagement will share what they have learned and invite your participation in a discussion about the future of our democracy.


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