Practical Guidance for Online Engagement

Over the past few months Amelia has been working closely with the Digital Engagement team at the Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand to develop the NZ Online Engagement Guidance.

We are delighted to present the Guidance, digitally published with creative commons for your use

The Guidance takes a practical approach to online engagement with a simple explanation of the key concepts and checklists for communication, engagement, website, policy and planning teams to plan and deliver effective online engagement. It also includes a simple and easy to use template to develop an engagement strategy, and a tailored case study template to enable the sharing of experience and best practice.

Engagement practitioners across New Zealand contributed to the Guidance through a series of workshops and participation in the New Zealand Online Engagement Community of Practice. Janette Wallace Gedge provided the questionnaire design and discussion forum sections. Nicola Martin developed the principles for engagement featured in the document in collaboration with others in the New Zealand Online Engagement Community of Practice.

Amelia would also like to thank Jessica Musson from Auckland Council, Michael Baranovic from Melbourne City and Ian Morris from the UK, all of whom peer reviewed her work as it progressed. Check out our blog for testimonials from Pia Waugh of the DTO Australia and Matt Leighninger, Executive Director, Deliberative Democracy Consortium in North America.

We hope this Guidance will complement the materials already available worldwide and provide a set of practical tools to support professionals across all levels of Government in New Zealand and beyond.

Over the next few weeks we will be share our thoughts about key concepts used in the Guidance on our blog. To stay in touch, register for our updates here.

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