Our readings last week on Democracy & Digital Government

Here are some articles we thought were particularly interesting this week…

 Digital government

How exchanging staff between ANU and ACT Health helped make research more accessible to government, and help researchers better understand how the public service works.

Media Release: Angus Taylor: Government will review all major ICT projects. Review to be released mid 2017

Engagement & Democracy

New report on how public data is fostering engagement & policy making in cities. “The report demonstrates how public data infrastructures create new kinds of relationships and public spaces between public institutions, civil society groups, and citizens.”

The Economist’s Democracy Index ranks nations based on five categories: participation, electoral process, civil liberties, functioning of government and political culture.

Free online course from World Bank on community engagement & digital democracy starts March 15th.

ECAS investigates crowdsourcing as a means of enhancing engagement in the European Union. “ECAS will be working with several civil society organisations under a European project to facilitate national debates and focus groups on potential subjects to be crowdsourced at the EU level, the time-frame for their completion and the technological platform to be utilised.”

Planning, Sustainability and Environmental Management

Study finds citizen science supports conservation through research, management, education and policy development. The study examined 44 citizen science programs at 3 natural history museums, 26 programs significantly contributed to conservation.

100 ideas and small initiatives to help improve cities!

CEO of Place Leaders CEO launches Place Leaders NSW Chapter in Parramatta Council.
Head over to the engage2 ThinkSpace for more news, thoughts and handy resources.

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