Our readings over the last few weeks on CivicTech, AI and New Tools

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engage2’s Managing Director, Amelia Loye, on how we can build Smart and Resilient Cities through the power of social networks

Amelia is also connecting with social innovation and engagement teams in USA and Canada through-out August.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Open State 2017 is a festival of innovation, collaboration, ideas & enterprise.



Here are some articles we thought were particularly interesting this week…


Civic Tech and Collaboration

Ludwig Kayser reports from July’s OECD Forum, talking about civictech and collaboration in the TICTeC community.

New research exploring the public’s views of Cross Sector Collaboration reveals focus group insights which are helpful for practitioners to better understand and communicate their work. Neil Britto in the Standford Social Innovation Review.

Geography is considered a key skill for today’s mayors, as understanding and combining social, economic, and environmental factors is essential for Resilient Cities.

This case study shows how Smart City initiatives are tackling traffic congestion in Jakarta, Stockholm, Pittsburgh & London.



Artificial Intelligence and Open Data

Aaron Snow, co-founder of 18F, recorded a podcast with The Centre for Public Impact about the role of Artificial Intelligence in government. https://www.centreforpublicimpact.org/podcast/us-digital-leader-aaron-snow/

Diversity’s a key concept in GovHack. Aimee Whitcroft and Justine Pepperell share their thoughts via #govhacknz

New Tools and Resources

The City of Newcastle (Australia) have an interactive Participatory Budgeting simulator, where citizens can have a go at balancing the budget until 31st August. https://newcastlebudgetyoursay.budgetsimulator.com/

DigitalGov have a host of free online resources, including innovations, case studies, tools and resources.

The City of Boston has launched an interactive tool that allows community to access data to improve services & transparency in rental accommodation.

There are many fellowships for civictech across USA. This guide will help learn about them and what to do to get one.

The open data sets used for Govhack in Australia and New Zealand (28-30 July) are now available via the hackerspace portal. https://2017.hackerspace.govhack.org/datasets



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