Every time you engage you are building a relationship and collecting information from a stakeholder. How you manage this information is critical if you want your stakeholders to trust you, and if you would like to proactively manage issues, impacts and leverage capital in your community.

We highly recommend developing a policy and procedures for engagement, then training staff in how you would like engagement delivered. This should cover how your organisation presents, interact with stakeholders and how manage information so privacy is respected, risks are managed, and knowledge is retained.  This is the best way to ensure your stakeholders have a good experience when engaging with you, and your relationships with them is consistently managed.


Picking the right technologies and setting up systems for insight reporting and ongoing engagement with your stakeholders is the key to making your engagements more effective. These systems should complement your engagement policy and procedures so you can collate information collected across channels, proactively communicate with stakeholders and track and manage issues as they arise.

Our team have considerable experience gathering software requirements, designing systems for engagement, collating data across channels and navigating procurement.

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