Designing engagements

We help you to select the best stakeholder and community engagement methods and technologies for your project.

Capability building

We work with you to ensure your organisation has the right systems, processes and skills to understand, engage and work with your stakeholders and community.

Engaging events

We design and facilitate participatory events to engage and activate communities, and build professional engagement capabilities through training and peer-to-peer sharing.

engage2 is a public participation and stakeholder engagement consultancy.

We design and facilitate stakeholder and community engagement for social impact.


Communities and governments that understand and enable each other to deliver positive social and environmental outcomes.


To enable constructive participation in processes that build community, strengthen representative democracy and encourage civic innovation.

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    Democracy is being disrupted: Governing in the 21st Century
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    Building Smart Communities
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    Innovative Methods for Digital Engagement and Customer Service
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    Digital Strategy Glenelg and Southern Grampian Shires
  • In Capability Building
    Code for Australia – #NSWAcademy
  • In Strategic Engagement
    Lifelong Participation Initiative Forum
  • In ChangeCamp/ Engaging Events
    COMMUNITY ChangeCampAU
  • In Strategic Engagement
    New Zealand Government’s Online Engagement Guidance
  • In Strategic Engagement
    Australia’s first National Action Plan for Open Government
  • In Strategic Engagement
    Engagement technology for New South Wales Government
  • In Engaging Events
    Evolving Democracy
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