Involve Community, Enrich Democracy

Move beyond one-way consultation to genuine engagement and real change

We help organisations listen to, understand and work with their communities and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes.

Expert delivery

We design, implement and manage strategies for public participation, community consultation and stakeholder engagement that are tailor-made for your needs.

Enhanced capacity

We develop your skills and implement technology and processes to amplify your engagement and social impact. We help you understand and address social issues, identify and build good relationships with stakeholders, and strengthen or scale your initiatives.

Evolved practice

We adopt innovative engagement methods and technologies. We implement participatory evaluation processes to ensure you are effectively managing engagements, relationships and data from stakeholders and communities.

Engaging events

We design and facilitate interactive events that engage stakeholders, crowdsource and build knowledge. We also host events that develop professional practice and enable communities and industries to develop innovative solutions to challenges.


We are dedicated to enriching democracy by involving community. We design and facilitate genuine, innovative engagements that help organisations listen to, understand and work with their communities and stakeholders.

Our Purpose

To enrich democracy and encourage constructive participation in society

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