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About engage2

We design and facilitate stakeholder and community engagement for social impact.

engage2 design and facilitate stakeholder engagement and community consultation for governments and organisations that want to maximise their social impact.

We are a boutique consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia, with a network of specialists curated by Amelia Loye.

As a collective, we share expertise in social science, event management, facilitation and experience design , data science and insight reporting, the planning and evaluation of engagement and collaboration processes and the use of technology to support them.

Together we help organisations build their capability to understand, engage and work with their stakeholders and the communities they serve.

We are committed to opening up smart governments and cities, enhancing representative democracy through greater participation and representation between elections, and engaging people to build the resilience of communities.

Amelia Loye, Founder and Managing Director

Amelia is a social scientist, specialising in community and stakeholder engagement, social impact and democratic innovation.

For over 15 years, she has been helping governments and organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada understand communities and engage stakeholders in the design and delivery of policy, programs and services.

Through engage2 she helps organisations maximise their investment into engagement and communities.

An expert in public participation, cross-sector collaboration and the use of technology to open representative government, Amelia is widely regarded as a leader in democratic, civic and social innovation and smart cities.

An internationally recognised expert in her field, Amelia speaks regularly at conferences, curates engaging events, designs training and facilitates workshops for communities and social innovators around Australia and overseas.

Amelia is also the co-Vice Chair of the Australia and New Zealand Smart Cities Council Centre for Civic Innovation and a writer for The Mandarin and Code for All.

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Our Affiliates and Partners

We pride ourselves on our relationships and we champion a new, innovative way of doing business: in collaboration. We curate teams, strategies, and systems for engagement based on your project and organisational needs.

Throughout her career, Amelia has sought innovators, mentors and peers in her field, and now has strong partnerships with public participation, collaboration, open government, democratic and social innovation professionals across the country and the globe.

Collectively, we have worked on hundreds of projects, with multiple governments and organisations around the world. Our methods are tried and tested, so you can be sure you are working with the best in the business.

We support one another to design and deliver projects, and to measure the impact of our work with governments and organisations striving to have a positive social impact. Our deep collective experience gives you confidence to pilot new techniques and institutionalise better practices and systems in your organisation and community.

We are always looking for innovative specialists to partner with…

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Our Partners

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