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2019 NZ EngageTech Forum

2019 NZ EngageTech Forum

I am pleased to announce that engage2 will be co-hosting an EngageTech Forum in New Zealand on the 15th May 2019 in Auckland in partnership with the Auckland Council Group.

This year’s forum is at maximum capacity with key staff managing engagement across the Council Group and some of the most innovative local governments across NZ invited to participate.

The Auckland Council Staff Engagement Network consists of more than 500 representatives and practitioners from the eight organisations that form the ‘Auckland Council Group’ which includes Auckland Transport, Panuku Development, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, (ATEED), Watercare, Ports of Auckland and the 21 Local Boards.

2018 NZ EngageTech Forum

During the Forum participants will be invited to share their stories about how they are using technology as well as their plans and aspirations to understand, engage and work with their communities.

The Forum will also include a technology showcase and speed demos with New Zealand and Australia’s leading engagement technology providers.

Consult24, Consultation Manager and Bang-the-Table have already joined our showcase and we have room for three more sponsors.

engage2 has also invited the local government associations of New Zealand to join us as partners in the Forum.

The Forum is part of Auckland Council’s program of work to step up the quality of public engagement.  The Council is using the Forum to expose staff in the network to the spectrum of technologies available for engagement. They want to encourage teams across their organisations to think strategically about how they purchase and experiment with the use of these tools to deliver more value from both council and community led engagement. 

After the Forum Council will meet with the vendors to discuss their engagement objectives, ICT strategy and procurement processes.  A panel of suppliers will be set up soon after so tools can be accesses by teams across Council Group. These teams will then be asked to share their learnings about different engagement products with the Citizen Engagement and Insights Unit so that council can better align their business needs with fit for purpose tools.

“We are very excited to be working with engage2 and Amelia Loye at this critical point in our transformation process.”

Kenneth Aiolupotea  – Head of Citizen Engagement and Insights

As part of engage2’s commitment to Council we will use interactive sessions during the Forums to collect use cases, lessons and tips from participants to compile a report that can be shared with everyone involved.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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