change camp

ChangeCamp brings together people and organisations who want to make a difference.

It’s an ‘unconference,’ a workshop-style event which has some structure, but the agenda is set by participants.

ChangeCamp is a new way galvanise people and organisations working to deliver social outcomes.

engage2 has adapted ChangeCamp for an Australian audience with the support of the ChangeCamp team in Canada.

We’re currently building a community of people across the world who are skilled ChangeCamp facilitators so that we can deliver three types of ChangeCamp:

Change camp community

For smart cities and communities who want to encourage active citizenship and social innovation

COMMUNITY ChangeCamp brings together people from government, the NGO sector, the business community and citizens who want to, or who already are, using their skills to deliver social change, and encourages them to self-organise.

Change camp - challenge

To explore new ways we might address complex social challenges

CHALLENGE ChangeCamp is an open, relaxed, supportive initiative to help people working on the same challenge learn about each other’s efforts, explore how they might work together and maximise the social impact of each other’s initiatives.

Change camp organisational

So your employees, executives and shareholders can participate in the future of your business

ORGANISATIONAL ChangeCamp is a low cost, fun and productive way to engage key people in your organisations innovation, work of the future and social impact initiatives.

ChangeCamp Case Studies