ChangeCampAU Update

ChangeCampAU Update

The inaugural ChangeCampAU took place in Sydney in July 2017 and was a resounding success. Attended by people from all walks of life, it was a dynamic event full of inspiring, robust discussion. Connections were made, collaborations born, and participants gained a deeper understanding of our community’s social change landscape. This is our ChangeCamp 2017 Recap focused on what you need to know for 2018.

The event activated people engaged in social change across Sydney and catalysed a series of collaborations such as:

  • The #Hack4Cities formation
  • The formation of Humanatix’s advisory group
  • Croppz team trialled their MVP
  • The beginning of the Civic Innovation Centre
  • This documentary about Homeless Connect (watch it here)

Humans of Homelessness trailer from Annette Cohen on Vimeo.

I don’t know about you but I can personally name at least five other people who I now work or socialise with often who I would never have met if not for the connections I made at ChangeCamp Sydney.

Here is the digital story Sol and I created from the photos taken by Annette on the day. And Lina’s amazing blog post: ChangeCamp: Facilitating social change, active citizenship and do-ocracy.

There are now three types of ChangeCamps:

  • Community ChangeCamp – for smart cities and communities who want to encourage social innovation and active citizenship
  • Challenge ChangeCamp – to explore new ways we might address complex social challenges
  • Organisational ChangeCamp – so your staff, shareholders and executives can participate in the future of your business.

On the day, I spoke about the way she thought the ChangeCamp could be used to help build Smart Communities. I spoke about this at Building Smart Communities event at Open State in September in South Australia and I have since been appointed as one of the Chairs of the Centre for Civic Innovation for the Australian and New Zealand Smart Cities Council. I am also promoting the method to Smart City advisors in Councils through presentations and webinars for Australian Smart Communities Association and have had interest from four NSW Councils so far – one regional which is exciting.

Even the United Nations likes ChangeCamp! Seriously. In March, I was asked to speak at the Sustainable Development Goal 16 Preparatory Meeting about my favourite methods governments might use to encourage participation and inclusion in society. I spoke for 10mins at the event to representatives of several countries about ChangeCamp and they loved it. You can view my presentation here.


From ChangeCamp 2017 To Action

Stay in touch with the ChangeCamp AU and the Sydney community on our ChangeCampAU Facebook Page. We would love to hear more about how ChangeCamp has helped you maximise your social impact.

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