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Co-create the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum

Co-create the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum

Purchase your ticket to the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum and help us distribute the profits to musicians and artists who will make the event more engaging for you.

The EngageTech Forum is a not-for-profit event, which means that any funds generated through sponsorship and ticket sales are put back into the Forum to enhance the experience for participants.

This year, we are inviting participants to spend the profits.

We are excited to announce that 67 people have registered to participate in the Forum on 28 July 2020! If we sell 26 more tickets at the full price of $230, the total cost of the event will be covered. Any revenue from tickets sold over that amount will be spent by ticket holders through a simple participating budgeting process.

When we reach the break-even point and have profit to work with, all participants will be invited to vote on how to “spend” the surplus. You can choose from the following options, or suggest other ways we might enhance the event.

Bring the band!


Brothers Cesar and Steve Marin have been playing music together since they were children. In 1998 they formed Son Veneno to share their Cuban style blend of Afro-Latin music in Australia. Carlos Velazquez (also known as CMajor and a finalist in The Voice), joined the band shortly after it was established, adding a pop, soul and RNB flavour to the Sonero traditions.

Check out Son Veneno’s music here and more about CMajor here.

Option 1: We would love to invite Son Veneno to play a 30-45 minute set for you during lunch or at the end of the event. The cost is $1500 to do this fantastic virtual gig. To reach this goal, we need to sell a total of 100 tickets (93 to break even plus 7 to generate enough surplus to place this in our PB process).


Invite a DJ


Radio host and music producer, Shane SOS has been spinning tunes for 20 years in about as many countries. This DJ is a lover of all things musically deep. The first half of his DJ story takes place in Ibiza where he weaved his spell in the sunset bars and the Hippie Dances. The second part of the story is a dusty realm called Burning Man, an annual event in the fascinating, Black Rock City, Nevada. The city’s culture encourages self- expression and the freedom of citizenship as a “Burner” and is a regular event on the calendar of the world’s best artists and performers. He is a founding member of a collective called Sunset Island, who build inspiring interactive installations with performances and host multiple events on the Australian festival schedule. Shane SOS is a veteran DJ who always gets a crowd moving.

Check out Shane’s music here.

Option 2: We would love to invite Dj Shane SOS to play a 30-45 minute set for you during lunch or at the end of the event. The cost of this virtual gig is $250. We need to sell 95 tickets in total to make this happen; 93 to breakeven plus 2 tickets in surplus, then we could secure this option. 


Commission an artist to graphically record the event  


Fernando Lecuna is a highly experienced facilitator (meeting, process and graphics), graphic designer and creative director. He has been a knowledge worker for multinational companies, global organisations and consulting firms. Fernando has worked with a wide range of clients and industries including telecommunications, banking, and insurance as well as government and not- for- profit organisations. Some highlights of his career include graphically recording events for:

  • The World Economic Forum (Dalian – Tianjin – Summer Davos -2009-2017)
  • MG Taylor – The Value Web (Internationally) and
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Global Health Summit (Beijing).

Learn out more about Fern’s great work here.

Option 3: We would love to invite Fern to record our event. If Fern joins us, he will draw 60mins of discussion during the Forum. Fern has offered to do this for us for $1000. To include this we need to sell 98 tickets in total: 93 to breakeven plus 5 to generate enough profit to choose this option.


Option 4: Suggest something else

The engage2 team would love to direct the profit to these artists and musicians at the Forum, but our Participatory Budget process means it is up to all of us!

If you are a ticket holder, this is YOUR FORUM. Please let us know how you would like us to spend these profits to make the event even more engaging for you.

If you would like to participate in the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum and you haven’t bought a ticket yet please do so now. Register here.

We would love to give all of these artists the chance to perform.

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