Digital Engagement Services

Encourage participation, crowdsource and build knowledge with participants. Generate outputs from your virtual meetings and cultivate communities who actually practice.

engage2 design and facilitate engagements

Engage2 design, produce and facilitate engagement. We are experts in digital and online engagement, and virtual participation and facilitation.

We pride ourselves on designing inclusive, interactive events that engage participants while generating outcomes, outputs and relationships. We design experiences and engagements that encourage participation, maintain engagement and activate collaborations.

Engage2 provides the following digital engagement services:

Engagement Design

Strategic advice about
technologies and methods for
your engagements.


engage2 facilitate virtual
workshops and online

Capability Building

engage2 assess and build
digital engagement

Capabilities and Experiences

Engage2 is internationally recognised for its expertise in digital engagement.

Engage2 have been advising organisations about digital, online and offline engagement and collaboration for more than seven years.

We are best known for:

Engage2 case studies

New Zealand Government’s Online Engagement Guidance workshop

Last year we designed and delivered a full day workshop for the NSW Public Service Commission about how they might use collaboration technologies to encourage flexible work conditions.

We also designed and delivered a full day masterclass and workshop about engagement, technology and democracy for the digital communications team at The Australian Department of The Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Australia’s first National Action Plan for Open Government

While working for the Ministry of Environment in British Columbia Canada, Amelia ran a full day teleconference with 160 participants across 10 locations, saving the government over $60,000.

During engagement on Australia and New Zealand (NZ) National Action Plans for Open Government, engage2 hosted regular live teleconferences and videoconferences on behalf of the NZ State Services Commission and The Australian Department of The Prime Minister and Cabinet.


Engage2 run the EngageTech Forum to help governments understand the technologies available for engagement. The full day peer-to-peer learning event attracts around 100 – 120 participants.

The forums have been held in Wellington, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. The 2020 Forum was our sixth event. The multi-format forum was redesigned in 2020 to showcase virtual and online engagement tools. Over the course of the day 80 participants from 44 government organisations engaged with each other virtually, participating in workshops, interactive demos, and asked questions during panels and lighting talks.

What we’re doing, thinking and learning

Engaging event

Engagement is an interaction between two or more people. It involves communication and the exchange of information. Engagement generates relationships and affects trust. It is the foundation for collaboration.

Hosting an engaging virtual meeting or virtual workshop requires more than good content and a question and answer session – that is a briefings. Read more >

what is digital engagement glossary engage2

Is there a difference between ‘digital engagement’ and ‘online engagement’? Yes. What about ‘virtual facilitation’ and ‘online facilitation’? Yes. We get lots of people asking us about what term they should use.

This Digital Engagement Glossary is a guide for governments, organisations and engagement professionals. Read more >

engagement technologies spectrum by engage2 - engagetech

The EngageTech spectrum presents the full range of technologies available for online and offline stakeholder and community engagement.

Engagement is often used interchangeably with consultation, but it is much broader term. At Engage2 we define engagement as an activity, a two-or three-way communication that generates information and relationships. Read more >

Elevate Your Digital Engagements


Engage2 do not provide or develop software. We provide independent advice about the technologies available on the market and help our clients find the best tools to meet their engagement requirements. We also work with engagement technology providers helping them to understand our clients’ needs and how they might integrate their products and processes with other tools being used by them.