Download out the EngageTech Spectrum

Download out the EngageTech Spectrum

The engagetech spectrum presents the types of technologies available to engage community and stakeholders and manage the information shared.

The spectrum was developed by engage2 to compliment the IAP2 spectrum. The spectrum is surrounded by a semicircle with an outer ring that represents the five levels of participation, or purposes of engagement within the IAP2 model. The inner ring of the semicircle matches the types of technology that can be used to engage for each purpose.

Engagement is shown at the bottom of the engagetech spectrum highlighting its relevance across all level of participation. Engagement is often used interchangeably with consultation but it is much a more general term. At engage2 we define engagement as an activity, a two-or three-way communication. This definition is also used in the NZ Online Engagement Guidance.

Each engagement generates information and builds relationships. This is particularly important when engaging for Government. Information / issues management and relationship management are shown as lines above engagement on the spectrum to demonstrate this importance. These are also categories of engagement technologies tools available.

The semicircle in the spectrum can also be looked at representing phases of engagement with the level of participation increasing over time. It is uncommon to go all the way from one end of the spectrum to the other in single process but moving through a process of crowdsourcing before consulting or collaborating with stakeholders is quite common.

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Download the EngageTech spectrum 

Want to learn more about technology for engagement, check out the EngageTech forum. We’ll be running our next one in New Zealand in September.

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