EngageTech Wellington Success!

EngageTech Wellington Success!

Our August EngageTech event in Wellington was a great success! It was exciting to see government staff from both local and national levels at the event, engaging with each other, listening to experienced practitioners and reviewing available tech platforms. Participants loved being able to talk to peers also working in citizen engagement and swap stories.

Our speakers spoke about the challenges and opportunities we have with implementing EngageTech, and how it can broaden our citizen engagement & make it easier for government staff doing coordination and analysis. Read more about our EngageTech speakers here.

Our sponsors Bang The Table, Converlens and CWP/Silverstripe had multiple opportunities to talk and give demonstrations about their EngageTech platforms. Click the sponsor names to hear them chat with Amelia about their work.

The World Café style workshops collected knowledge from participants about engagement tools and techniques, using the engage2 EngageTech Spectrum as a guide. A highlight was hearing how Gisborne District Council increased their engagement by 700% winning them an IPANZ award.

The day ended with conversations about what higher levels of management should hear about EngageTech. Introducing new ways of community engagement can be a challenging, and it’s important to engage2 that these efforts are supported. The outcomes of the event’s collaborative work will be written into a report and shared with the participants to feed into their work on the ground.

Thank you to all of you who participated, spoke, facilitated and sponsors the event. It was truly a great collaborative forum! We’re putting the finishing touches on the report for you all now.

Participant Feedback

“I liked that it wasn’t just technology but also hearing how other organisations are set up”.

“It was great to meet people from across government and hear their experiences”.

“I enjoyed the challenge of raising our focus beyond than Excel, Survey Monkey, Google Forms.”

I found the panel discussion at the beginning, and the group discussion at the end around what you would tell your manager brought a lot of clarity”.

Sponsor Reflections

“We thoroughly enjoyed sponsoring EngageTech. The discussions in the room were very insightful and provided a gauge as to where the use of technology in community engagement is at. While questions regarding buzzwords such as AI and machine learning inevitably come up, the broader discussions highlighted that a foundation needs to be set first. In order to get a good understanding of the current technology in community engagement and the direction it is taking, attending EngageTech is very valuable.”

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