Engaging News – 10.11.2018

Engaging News – 10.11.2018

Engaging News – Week ending Friday 10th November

This week’s news articles about Smart Cities, Democracy, CivicTech and Open Data. There is a comment section below to share your thoughts with us.


Smart Cities

San Diego’s pioneering IoT platform: San Diego is building world’s largest smart city IoT platform – a$30 million investment adding 3,200 “intelligent nodes” to the city’s street lighting infrastructure collecting real-time sensor data.


Democracy, Tech and Active Participation

Looking ahead to government by smartphone: There are four factors which are driving technological advances in democracy 1. The nature of democracy is not static, 2. There is now political will to make participation easier, 3. The IT industry continues to innovate, 4. There is a strong public desire for change.

Now more than ever we have to get democratic engagement right: 5 principles for great public engagement: 1. Show Malleability, 2. Give Recognition, 3. Be Accessible, 4. Build Relationships, 5. Share Ownership.

Imagining a New Democracy with Participatory Budgeting: An in depth look at how effective participatory budgeting can activate community and democracy.


Civic Tech

Scaling Civictech: Knight Foundation research shows civictech successes and challenges in helping govt transparency and citizen engagement. Shortage of capital is limiting the civictech industry’s ability to scale, thus stalling the strengthening democracy.


Open Data

The State of Open Data Report for 2017 is now online, and shows the research community is now embracing open data.


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