Engaging News 11.5.2018

Engaging News 11.5.2018

Engaging News – Week ending 11 May

Every week engage2 finds the best & latest stories of our industry interests and share them as a weekly round up here, and via our Twitter feeds – @engage2govern & @emotivate during the week.

Topics this week: Resilient Cities, Open Data, Community Engagement, Social Impact, Participatory Budgeting, CivicTech

Resilient Cities
The City of Boston joins the 100 Resilient Cities network, with Lori Nelson named as Chief Resilience Officer, who will focus on racial & economic inequality. Congrats, Lori!

New Resilient Cities profiling tool Urban Resilience Hub by UN-Habitat provides a holistic approach to resilience looking at different government and stakeholder elements, providing a cross-cutting diagnosis, including data collection and urban strategies.

Transforming Copenhagen into one of the most Liveable Cities has been under the guidance of Jan Gehl, talking through the 3 phases of revitalisation.

Open Data
Watch Genevieve Bell speak about the rise of data & open data with 5 stories illustrating that the future and engagetech are already here.

Open Data knows no boundaries, with movements all over the world. Check out what is happening in Nepal and the digital movement to make data more accessible.

Community Engagement
Do you want a city with maximum social inclusion? Size does matter, says Adela Suliman, reporting on a paper about economic health, community engagement & city size.

Engage citizens in climate change to move from abstract to fact at Wellington City Council, NZ, with the launch of a VR-based resilience engagement program to help understand the progress of sea rise.

Social Impact
Successful social labs generate capital, maturing to an asset to the community. Social Labs discusses collaborative skill sets, skill acquisition & the future of team building.

Introducing co-design through Lifehack has increased capacity of New Zealand’s youth & mental health practitioners, creating better social impact & community engagement.

Participatory Budgeting
New York is including children in voting through participatory budgeting! An excellent way to think about democracy & get involved in their community in a decisive way.

Great article from Peter Kelly about civictech, explaining basics & lessons around how civictech enables a citizen-centric government and leads to a thriving community.

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