Engaging News – 20.10.17

Engaging News – 20.10.17

Engaging News – week ending Friday 20 October 2017

Smart and Resilient Cities, Accountability and Legitimacy in Tech, and Open Government stories from around the world. This week, we share exciting developments from UK, Germany, Ecuador, Indonesia, Liberia, USA and Australia.


Open Government

Opening Governance: Open Data and Open Government are hot topics! Institute of Development Studies UK shares a collection of nine free journal articles with some great discussions.


Resilient Cities

Quito: Prioritizing Nature for a Climate-Adapted, Low-Carbon City: Quito, Ecuador is focusing their resilience and sustainability efforts by protecting its fragile ecosystem.

Jakarta: Alleviating Floods with Parks for Children: Jakarta to improve resilience by increasing #greenspace by 20% & installing child friendly parks.

What are participatory development models? Resilient Melbourne has great write-ups about Participatory Development models and 20min neighbourhoods.

Transition time for chief resilience officers: Progress of Chief Resilience Officers shows a time of transitions and challenges.


Accountability and Legitimacy in Tech

Why you cannot fix legitimacy but you can mend it: Finding Legitimacy is a global conversation by Centre for Public Impact, aiming to find ways to strengthen relationships between citizens & government. http://bit.ly/2xz1pqR

How tech companies are propelling the environmental movement, and why it’s time to do more: Where tech intersects with sustainability. Tech industry moves into new realms as influence grows.

Understanding how to learn in Liberia: Accountability means multiple research methods, civic tech and informal conversations.



Smart Cities

Smart cities bill would provide $220 million annually: New U.S. bill is setting aside $220 million pa to fund local government smart cities & tech infrastructure.

7 Reasons Why Berlin is a Successful Sharing City: The city of Berlin uses tech, civic tech and collaboration to form a Sharing City.

Who benefits from smart cities? UK Councils discuss their progress towards 2030 Smart Cities goals with data collection & sharing. One conclusion is that data is another form of infrastructure.

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