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Engaging News 25.5.2018

Engaging News 25.5.2018

Engaging News – Week ending 25 May

Every week engage2 finds the best & latest stories of our industry interests and share them as a weekly round up here, and via our Twitter feeds – @engage2govern & @emotivate during the week.

Topics this week: Open Government, Democracy, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities, Sustainable Development Goals, Tech4Good, Engage2 News.


Open Government
During #OpenGovWeek The Democratic Society announced they will launch the OGP Network for Europe on 22 May. The network will bring together professionals & leaders who work in & outside of European institutions.

Part of #OpenGovWeek featured an interesting conversation between Helen Clark and Sanjay Pradhan, CEO of Open Government Partnership, speaking on SDGs & Open Government. Catch up here!

Scott M has a great take on volunteerism, participatory democracy, and the involvement in the open government movement in New Zealand.

Alex Howard shares his own thoughts on the Open Government report, with links to the open source report.


Citizens juries are a way of involving everyday people in the process of govt decision-making. New Democracy (Australia)’s Iain Walker will share about how these are a key to evolving democracy at our June 5 Vivid Sydney event. Read about the concept here.

27 EU states are taking part in EU Consultations, aiming to capture a vision for Future of Europe. Amazing to have something working at this scale!


Smart Cities
Barcelona is letting companies trial novel street placemaking ideas, through their smart cities initiative 22network. Margot Gagliani & Katie Rose interview Josep M Pique, previous CEO of 22@Barcelona.

The Australian Smart Cities & Suburbs funding will close July 2, this year focussing on #innovative tech-based solutions to urban challenges. Apply here.‏


Resilient Cities
It’s been 5 years since 100 Resilient Cities started, with more than 80 cities appointing Chief Resilient Officers in that time. Anne Hidalgo shares the Paris experience.


Sustainable Development Goals
The World Bank is working on using disruptive tech to eliminate extreme poverty. They are taking a “3 B’s” approach of ‘Build, Boost & Broker‘ their way to achieving SDGs.

Impressive results from Seattle, where there has been a decline in commuters, despite a 15% increase in population because they have an excellent bus network.


Blockchain & social impact projects are becoming a reality, as more effort is put into making tech4good work, like City of Berkley, scheming to issue municipal bonds to citizens.


engage2 News
Tune in to our podcast to hear Amelia Loye interviewing Fernando Blat from Populate about creating tools & platforms for civic engagement & open data the public service.

Introducing two panel speakers for Democracy is Being Disrupted – our June 5 Vivid Sydney event
Jamie Skella from Horizon State brings to our Vivid Sydney panel intimate knowledge of building blockchain for democratic participation, with a focus on consensus building & decentralised platforms. Read about his organisation’s work here.

Iain Walker, a specialist in citizens juries from New Democracy, will bring to panel ideas around helping people move from public opinion to an informed consensus view. Read about the work of New Democracy here.

Engage2’s two events at Vivid Sydney are selling fast, follow the links below to take you to the ticket and info pages
June 5 – Democracy is Being Disrupted: Governing in the 21st Century – Professional Development Session.

June 16 – Evolving Democracy – for citizens interested in the future of democracy.


Thanks for reading! Head over to the engage2 ThinkSpace for more news, past blogs and handy resources.

Hannah and the engage2 Team

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