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Engaging News – 26.01.2017

Engaging News – 26.01.2017

Engaging News – Week ending 26 Jan.

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Australia’s urban forest will need care & attention if they are to survive climate change & help mitigate the urban heat island effect, 50% of trees are at risk in City of Sydney. (Photo used in this post is of Celtis occidentalis, which is a species of tree under threat in the City of Sydney)

Mayors & cities are striving beyond their country standards for better responses to global issues like climate change & sustainability says urban expert Robert Muggah in guest TEDTalks post.

Rooftops farms could be part of our sustainable future, providing food & reducing urban heat island effect & flooding.

An interesting piece from Iran about egovernment, civictech and sustainability. They are using e-gov to empower government and citizens by increased inclusion & participation.


Open Government

In 3.5 years since OGP Bali, progress has seen participation double, inclusion in 2030 Global Goals & transformative citizen participation.

Play with the OGP toolbox, an international platform profiling digital tools for civictech, democracy & collaboration.

More countries are pushing for beneficial ownership legislation to combat corruption & improve transparency.

Fancy exploring the world of Australian Politicians? Open data is available on all Australian Politicians for the last 10 Parliaments.


Open Contracting

Great articles about international progress in open contracting, summarising #OCGlobal17 conference. 30+ countries have government or project commitment.

  1. Summary of Conference
  2. Blog from Tim Davies, founder of Open Data Co-op.
  3. Full Public Report.



The #TICTeC 2018 keynote speakers have been announced, with Martha Lane Fox, founder of doteveryoneuk & Jonathan Fox from Accountability Research Centre. Read about Martha Lane Fox speaking in the UK House of Lords in September 2017, leading a debate for greater digital understanding in the UK.


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