Engaging News – 3.11.2017

Engaging News – 3.11.2017

Engaging News – week ending Friday 3 November 2017

This week’s collection of what we found interesting this week. Post your thoughts in the comment section below.


Engagement and CivicTech

In conversation with Malaysian Youth Leader Dato’ Lokman Hakim Bin Ali: Successful youth engagement in Malaysia has seen 1.6 million youth involved in policymaking. Listen to the Malaysian Youth Minister discuss their 2050 National Transformation plan and involving youth in the process. 

Tech for governance programmes in Kenya: what is left of the conducive tech environment, and where to next? Lessons from Kenya show the challenges that arise when investing in tech for governance, and social accountability in engagement & civictech processes.


Cybersecurity and Open Data

Whole of government data linkage takes shape across the nation: Australia’s whole-of-government data linkage attempts are making progress across the country.

Security ratings for IoT devices? Cyber security of IoT devices are called into question, as interest in Smart Cities tech increases. Federal Government is requesting the development of mandatory cyber security rating system, but experts argue it would be almost impossible to effectively implement.

The Ethical & Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence: Bill Vorhies from Data Science Central speaks about the ethical & social implications of Artificial Intelligence, looking at two key studies that show that AI advances in facial recognition technology are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Resilient Cities

Not just future suburbs: Planning our food future: The sustainability of Melbourne’s foodbowl is discusses as the city works towards becoming more resilient in food security.

Garden Cities no more: Australia’s leafy urban centres are under pressure: Australian cities need adequate park space for resiliency, as they provide platforms for mental, physical and environmental health for its urban residents.


Important Events

Australian Smart Communities Association will have their next conference 9-11 May 2018. Watch for details via @AusSmartComms

Intro to Design Research, facilitated Social Design Sydney, Nov 18, Sydney.


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