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EngageTech Forum 2019: New Zealand

Event Details

15 May 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

The Maritime Room

Princes Wharf,
Viaduct Harbour

address maritime room engagetech forum new zealand

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An interactive forum to help government staff find the right technology for engagement

Do you know the most effective technology options for engagement with your community?

The EngageTech Forum is an interactive event designed to help public servants understand the technologies available for community and stakeholder engagement.

It’s a technology showcase with a difference, where participation and peer-to-peer sharing is encouraged. You won’t just be presented to or pitched at. It’s designed so that you can share your lessons, ask questions and discuss opportunities with others experimenting with tools for engagement in New Zealand. We’ve even used experience design methods to make sure it’s actually engaging!

You’ll see a spectrum of technologies available for consultation and engagement. We’re not just talking about online engagement and social media, the EngageTech forum will cover all the different ways you can use technology to understand, engage and work with community.

Supporting Partners

Forum sponsors

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Forum Facilitators and Panellists


Amelia loye speaker, facilitator, trainer at conferences, curates engaging events, designs training and facilitates workshops for communities and social innovators around Australia and overseas.

Founder and Managing Director of engage2


Head of Citizen Engagement and Insights, Auckland Council

EngageTech Forum: New Zealand

Consultation Experience, Auckland Transport

EngageTech Forum: New Zealand

Head of Innovation, Auckland Council

EngageTech Forum: New Zealand

Youth Innovator, The Southern Initiative, Auckland Council

EngageTech Forum: Michael Baranovic

EngageVictoria, The Department of Premier and Cabinet Victoria

EngageTech Forum: New Zealand

Auckland Council Engagement Team Leader, Panuku Development

EngageTech Forum: New Zealand

Digital Manager, Auckland Council

Recommended for government staff and leaders

This practical and engaging program allows public servants to understand technological changes within government. They can also learn how to improve public engagement through innovation and effective technologies.

Anyone in government who wants to improve their engagement through technology, particularly if you are working on:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community consultation
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Online engagement
  • Community management

  • Policy development
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Placemaking
  • Program delivery

  • Web managers
  • Social media
  • Data analytics
  • Public relations

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What previous participants told us about the EngageTech Forum


What you will learn

The EngageTech Forum is an engagement technology showcase and workshop with a collaborative peer-to-peer format that facilitates intimate engagement between government technology users and technology providers.

You’ll see the full spectrum of technologies available for consultation and engagement at this five-staged event. We’re not just talking about online engagement and social media, the forum will cover all the different ways you can engage and collaborate using technology.

At the EngageTech Forum, you will see and hear about the ways technology can help you to:

  • Understand and reach representative samples of communities
  • Invite participation, recruit samples and facilitate engagement
  • Improve your public engagement strategy implementation
  • Collect, analyse and report data collected during consultation and crowdsourcing
  • Build and manage relationships and communities