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Democracy is being disrupted. Representative democracy — with its governance and leadership models — needs to evolve if it is to survive the 21st century.

We believe it can, and there are many others who already making these changes around the world. Evolving Democracy shares their stories.

Join us for this monthly webinar and interview series, and meet the people evolving representative governments in countries such as Africa, UK, Canada, Portugal and Brazil.

Find out about their methods and models. Learn from their challenges and successes. Draw inspiration from their initiatives and innovations.

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Events and Interviews

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    Democracy is being disrupted: Governing in the 21st Century
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    Evolving Democracy
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How Will This Series Work?

Evolve Democracy will launch on August 11, 2020 with a monthly webinar, curated and facilitated by engage2’s Founder and Managing Director Amelia Loye.

The webinar will explore the democratic models and innovations that representative governments are testing and implementing around the world now.

The webinars will include facilitated, live discussions with up to 15 participants per session. These will be unrecorded.

Evolve Democracy will also host monthly interviews between Amelia and public servants working with and for governments. They will talk about case studies and dig deep into the methods and tools opening up governments and enriching representative democracies between elections.

These interview recordings will be published on our blog and Soundcloud, and shared on this page.

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What Will We Cover?


How people, organisations and communities can have their voices heard and issues represented in government decision-making

Community needs

How governments are setting themselves up to listen to and understand the needs of communities

Democratic innovations

How democratic experiments are stretching the definition and models of representative democracy


How representative governments use this tool

Social data

How representative governments are gathering and using social data


How technology is disrupting and enriching representative democracy

Bias & deliberation

How bias and personal interest are managed, and deliberation encouraged, during engagements

Listening & balancing interests

How governments and elected leaders can demonstrate how they are listening and balancing interests

Who Will This Series Benefit?

This webinar and interview series is aimed at:

  • Elected officials looking to transform the way they talk to their communities
  • Government consultants and staffers seeking to scale up their own innovations and initiatives
  • Academics eager to stimulate public discussion around democratic change
  • Community organisations and members dedicated to driving democratic change
  • Engagement professionals seeking to build professional capability and create more impact.
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We believe storytelling is one of the best ways to inspire the ideas, build the knowledge and share the skills required to enrich and evolve representative democracy.

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