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Procurement and digital transformation for engagement

Procurement and digital transformation for engagement

Procurement and digital transformation for engagement

Auckland Regional Council have asked engage2 to share this invitation with engagement technology providers in our network.

They would like to invite you to participate in briefing session about how they plan to procure and use technology for engagement.

The briefing is being held on the 16th May from 9-10:30am at Auckland Council House, 135 Albert Street.

During this session you will hear how Auckland Council and participating Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs) would like to procure and use technology to engage and enable citizens and communities. Below is an agenda for the session which will our founder Amelia Loye will facilitate.

Participants in the session will include:

  • ICT, Innovate Auckland and procurement team from Auckland Council
  • ICT and procurement teams from Auckland Transport and Panuku Development. 
  • Providers of technology for community and stakeholder engagement, the analysis of social data and management of relationships.

There is room for 20 participants, one person per organisation. Please RSVP here.

The information shared at the event will be made available to technology companies who are unable to attend.  

Please contact Helen Grant on helen.grant@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or Amelia Loye on +61411960585 if you have any questions about this event.

9:00 –
Opening of event:
– Welcome
– Introductions
– About Auckland Council Group
9:00 –
Sharing our vision
– Working with each other (across the group)
– How we want teams to use engagement technology
– How we want to work with you
Our ICT roadmap for public participation and stakeholder engagement
– The big picture – integrated architecture
– Procurement that enables our roadmap
– Our requirements
– How we want the panel to work
– How we will use the panel 
– Getting on the panel
– What to expect over the next three years   
10:15 –
Next steps

Procurement and digital transformation for engagement: Schedule

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