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The 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum breakout facilitators

The 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum breakout facilitators


A salute to the courage and skills of the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum breakout facilitators.

As outlined in our previous blogs, the EngageTech Forum is run using a not-for-profit model and we try to keep ticket prices as low possible to make the event assessable as possible for public servants. This means that many of the people involved in the event offer their time and skills unpaid. It is hard to explain the gratitude and honour I approach these people, professionals that I admire and they say yes to my invitations and requests.

In a previous blog I recognised the speakers who stepped up to share their knowledge during the opening and panel sessions of the Forum.

This time I would like to recognise our breakout facilitators. The people who stepped in to create and facilitate spaces for us to learn together. Anyone who has tried to engage and facilitate engagement professionals will know that this is no easy task.  

When the winners of the 2020 ANZ EngageTech Forum contest were sent their tickets I also sent them an invitation to get more involved in the Forum. Six of the ten winners said yes and joined four people in the engage2 team and network as facilitators of the ten breakout rooms used during the event. To ensure this role was rewarding for them, I spent some time with these facilitators going over the design of the Forum, briefing them on their role, and sharing some insights into the tech and methods we were using and why. I also introduced them to each other to build relationships and our own mini engagement community.  

I would like to salute these people for their bravery and commitment to the Forum and thank them for their contribution to the success of the day.

Steve Spurr facilitated the listen and understand breakout room

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Sam Noakes facilitated the promote and recruit breakout room

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Neil Meekin facilitated the crowdsource and prioritise room

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Jaime Hogan facilitated the visualise and discuss breakout room

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Susan Birtles facilitated the collect feedback and submissions breakout room

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Nataliya Kozhushna facilitated the experience, codesign and budget breakout room

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Piet Filet facilitated the cocreate and co-deliver breakout room

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Kerry Gosling facilitated the build communities breakout room

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Ben Mouat facilitated the manage relationships breakout room

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Amelia loye speaker, facilitator, trainer at conferences, curates engaging events, designs training and facilitates workshops for communities and social innovators around Australia and overseas.

I facilitated the manage information and issues breakout room

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Thank you, Steve, Neil, Jaime, Susan, Nataliya, Piet, Kerry and Ben. I really appreciate your support. The notes that you recorded during the world café were fantastic and make up a large part of the post-event report. I am sure they will be useful to everyone involved.  I hope you enjoyed your time connecting and learning with the participants in our Forum.


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