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The EngageTech Forum is a not-for-profit event

The EngageTech Forum is a not-for-profit event

Did you know that the EngageTech Forum is run using a not-for-profit model, which means that we only charge what we need to, to cover the costs of production?

When our Managing Director, Amelia Loye first imagined the EngageTech Forum, she wanted to create an event about engagement technology that was:

  1. Affordable for public servants, so that there was no barrier to participation and professional development.
  2. About the knowledge in the room, not just the people on stage.
  3. Participatory, with a format designed using engagement principles and methods; so that participants could learn new methods and tools with, and from, each other.

After producing five successful EngageTech Forums in Australia and New Zealand, we have learned from experience and think that we have finally have nailed the format and not-for-profit (NFP) production model. NFP event production is not for the faint hearted and most event producers will tell you that it is crazy. Ticket prices are set each year based on actual costs with no margin.


The event, and our not-for-profit delivery model, would not be possible without our stellar sponsors who provide pre-event finance to assist with production costs and offer invaluable support to the engage2 team through the process. Their support makes it possible for us to offer tickets at an affordable price for participants, reducing the barrier for public servants to build their capabilities using engagement technology. It represents great value to professionals and departments.

This year we are pleased to be welcoming: Konveio, Consultation Manager, Harvest DP and Spatial Media to our showcase. These great innovators will be running show-and-play sessions throughout the day.

COVID19 restrictions threw us a curve ball this year, but the interactive format was easy to adapt to virtual which we think has actually enriched the program. We could not be more excited about how it has all come together. Being virtual, we can demonstrate what’s possible in virtual engagement and live online engagement. We won’t just be presenting the best new tech, we will be participating in a workshop using it.

As a virtual event we are no longer paying for a venue and catering, so we have been able to reduce the cost of tickets this year. Tickets are now $230 per person, roughly half of what they would have been if we were to meet in-person.

Participants will spend any profits

We are excited to announce that we already have 58 people participating in the full day Forum on 28 July 2020! If we sell 35 more tickets at full price the total cost of the event will be covered.

If we sell more than 35 tickets needed to cover costs between now and the 27th July (the day before the event), participants will be invited to allocate any surplus made through

We will be using a very simple participatory budgeting process. Participants in the Forum will be invite to spend the funds by asking us to:

Or suggest other ways to create an unforgettable and engaging experience.

Participate in The EngageTech Forum to build your understanding of engagement technologies, enjoy the show and support creatives and innovators through Covid all at the same time!

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