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The hosts, panelists and sponsors of the 2018 NZ EngageTech Forum

The hosts, panelists and sponsors of the 2018 NZ EngageTech Forum

Meet the hosts, panelists and sponsors at NZ EngageTech Forum

Next week’s EngageTech Forum NZ event in Wellington is designed to connect and encouraging sharing among our participants, sponsors, and panelists. In this blog I would like to thank and introduce you to our hosts who will open the event, our facilitator Simon Wright, our panelists and our sponsors.

Firstly, I would like to thank our hosts – Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Government who have given us access to the amazing Rutherford House for the day. Simon Wright, who teaches the Information Communications Technology Enabled Public Engagement course at the University will facilitate the event and the Professor Neil Dodgson will open the event and welcome every on the day. We also have Elizabeth Eppel who is a senior research and teaching fellow at the University on our panel.

Secondly, I would like to thank our sponsors – Bang-the-Table, Silverstripe and Converlens – without them we would not be able to be doing this event.

Find out more about them and their work in this area below, and if you are participating in the event have a think about your questions for them. Were also keen to learn from and with you so please come prepared with stories and lessons you would like to share with others in our world café discussions.

I can’t wait to spend the day with you all!

Our speakers and facilitator

Professor Neil Dodgson, Victoria University of Wellington, is responsible for spearheading the university’s ‘Digital Futures’ multi-disciplinary research initiative. Professor Dodgson and his team leading this project explore the possibilities of a digital age in designing technologies that will enable a digital future, with the expertise to understand and communicate what a digital future will mean for individuals, organisations and society, and a mandate to prepare young people to be educated citizens in a digital society.

Facilitating the event is Simon Wright, partner at Public Engagement Projects, a Wellington-based consultancy that helps organisation with ‘listening’ and public engagement. His work often combines face-to-face and digital processes and has been recognised by the OECD and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Simon also teaches EGOV 503: Managing ICT-enabled Forms of Public Engagement at Victoria University’s School of Government with Dr Elizabeth Eppel.

Bring your questions for EngageTech Forum NZ sponsors

Bang the Table is a specialist provider of online stakeholder engagement services whose team has over 100 years of engagement experience collectively. Bang the Table supports government organisations by providing two unique software solutions: EngagementHQ stakeholder engagement platform, and participatory budgeting software, Budget Allocator. This organisation has experience supporting organisations to engage beyond consultation, building relationships with stakeholders, and moving communities online. Ask them how they can help you prepare your organisation for using technology for more effective engagement.

Powered by AI and designed to meet the needs of government, Converlens is an exciting new to market engagement solution for government to reach the right participants, enable ongoing contributions from the public and subject-matter experts, and close the communications loop. This platform analyses data collected from multiple sources to generate insights and evidence for decision making, to better understand communities, and facilitate better engagement by reaching more of the right people.

We’re also pleased to welcome CWP, the official web platform for NZ Government, working with SilverStripe as the Common Web Platform service provider to leverage ‘the shared power of open source, teamed with secure and robust hosting’. NZ Government has created a common web platform as a relatively easy way for agencies to develop websites for online engagement that a panel of approved suppliers can also access. NZ Government Online Engagement Service (GOES) developed a pilot, a minimum viable product (MVP) survey tool, built using the Common Web Platform (CWP) and hosted on Govt.nz.

Our panelists

Panelist Elizabeth Eppel (B.Sc M.Ed(Admin) PhD) is a Senior Research and Teaching Fellow in the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. With over twenty years’ experience as a senior public servant and interest in collaborative governance and the use of digital technologies in government, Elizabeth also teaches a Masters of EGovernment course on Managing ICT-enabled forms of public engagement.

Diane Owenga, Programme Director, The Policy Project at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will talk about the Policy Project, where engagement fits in the policy cycle, and how she imagines technology being used to support this. I interviewed Diane about leading transformational change in government in this article for Women’s Agenda last month.

Christine Bennett, General Manager – Government Information Services (GIS), The Department of Internal Affairs, will share insights into learnings from the GOES project and their recent design sprint. Christine will also explore how tech for engagement can be used to support open government and the connection to open data and information management.

Kenneth Aiolupotea, Head of Citizen Engagement and Insights at Auckland Council, will share his experience coordinating engagement for some of the work they’re doing to connect engagement with community and social development. Kenneth will also discuss their social impact work and the role technology and data analytics can play in generating insights from engagement to support decision making. Ask Kenneth about the social impact assessment and local community development work he’s driving for Auckland Council.

And finally me, Amelia Loye. I will share what I have learned over many years of experience about how technology can help support engagement online and offline, and how it’s being used around the world. I am also looking forward to advancing discussion from the New Zealand Online Engagement Guidance I developed with the Digital Engagement team at the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and NZ Government’s online community of practice in 2016 based on my learnings. The Guidance also shares recommendations for selecting the right tools for engagement.

Our table facilitators will be available throughout the day and include Dave Moskovitz, a member of the Digital Advisory group for Minister Curran, PEP partner John Pennington, and we’re thrilled to have open government ninjas Mike Riversdale and Andrew Ecclestone also joining the crew.

Hannah Mitchell from engage2 will also be at EngageTech Forums NZ to support the collection of information and ensure everyone who participates gets the most from the day. Ask Hannah any questions you may have about the event on the day.

Be part of EngageTech Forum NZ

We are still open to hearing from those interested in sponsoring the NZ event, and we’re still open to additional sponsors for EngageTech Forum Australia in Sydney on 1 November. Please get in touch now if you’d like to get involved so we can work with you to get the most from your sponsorship. Catch up on our podcasts where Amelia asks EngageTech Forum NZ sponsors about what they’re going to talk about at the event.

There’s still time to register for EngageTech Forum NZ on 28 August – get your ticket today!

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