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Welcome to the engage2 team, Ben!

Welcome to the engage2 team, Ben!

engage2 has a new community manager – Ben Mouat

I want to welcome Ben Mouat to the engage2 team. Ben is completing his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Political Science, International Business and Corporate Sustainability at the Australian National University. Ben will support me to coordinate engagement with engage2’s community and our clients part time while finishing off his studies.

Ben impressed me with his understanding of engagement and its role in policy making so I invited him to facilitate a table at the NSW EngageTech Forum. He did a great job and when he shared his thoughts about the day with Alice, Calan and I during our debrief I knew that he would make a great addition to the team.

I have asked Ben to share a few thoughts about why he joined engage2 and his experiences so far.

Working with engage2 feels like the perfect compliment to multiple components of my degree. It also aligns really well with my personal passion to further citizens input and engagement within the democratic process. Amelia, Calan, Alice and other members of the engage2 network I have met with so far have displayed to me that citizens want to engage with governments and that there are governments who want to do it well. It exciting to see progress in this area and I’m really happy to be working with a great team who are a part of it.

The EngageTech Forum was very insightful, and gave me an understanding of how these tools are and might be used by all levels of government. I enjoyed meeting so many public servants and hearing how they were helping their organisations to engage communities. I learned about how difficult it can be to find the best tools and methods and I am excited to learn more about these tools through my work with Amelia on the 2019 EngageTech Forums and our work with others in the engagement industry.

Amelia has also invited me to work on engage2’s project with Willoughby Council. engage2 are helping them analyse feedback on their housing and local centres strategy. I attending one of the Councils Roundtable events and I am now helping to collate data collected offline so that it can be collated with submissions and online feedback. Calan and Amelia will then analyse it and produce a independent public report for the Willoughby community and Council. I am pleased to be working on this important project which will help increase the availability of housing in Sydney.

So far my experience with engage2 has been so positive, knowing that the work I am completing is helping communities, stakeholder and governments understand each other better. I am excited to continue this work with Amelia, our clients and the engage2 community.

You can reach me on the engage2 Facebook page or engage2govern on Twitter or email me directly at ben@engage2.com.au

Thanks for reading!

Amelia and Ben

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