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Who you will meet at the 2018 NSW EngageTech Forum

Who you will meet at the 2018 NSW EngageTech Forum

Next week’s EngageTech Forum NSW event in Sydney is designed to connect and encouraging sharing among our participants, sponsors, and panelists. In this blog we would like to thank and introduce you to the people who will open the event, our facilitator Martin Stewart-Weeks, our panelists and our sponsors.

Firstly, I would like to thank our partner Smart Cities Council who invited engage2 to run this event as part of Smart Cities Week.  I would also like to thank them, Australian Smart Communities Association, the Public Service Network and the team at the Spark Festival for helping to promote the opportunity to their networks.

Secondly, I would like to thank Martin Stewart-Weeks from Public Purpose and Ross Dawson who will be participating in the NSW EngageTech Forum for the second time. Martin is a wonderful facilitator and a respected advisor on the intersection of government, policy, technology and innovation. Here is a video of the NSW EngageTech we ran together in 2013. Futurist and technology advisor Ross Dawson also participated in this event, joining me on the panel to share his views about crowdsourcing. Ross will help to open and frame the 2018 NSW EngageTech Forum connecting it to trends in governance, technology and democracy more broadly.

Next up I would like to thank the executives of the central agencies of the NSW Government and all of the people who have agreed to speak at The EngageTech Forum in NSW. Their interest in this improving engagement through technology and data analytics and hearing about the experiences, lessons and requests of those in the room is the reason I am delivering this event in NSW and will develop a post-event report for participants (not public). I’m especially excited to hear Dawn Routledge and Pia Andrews (Waugh) who will share their views about how technology and data can be used to support community and stakeholder engagement. Find out more about Dawn and Pia below.

I would also like to thank our panelists – Elizabeth Tydd the NSW Information Commissioner, Yvette Andrews from the City of Sydney,  Iain Kendall from the Open Government Partnership team in the Australian Government and Alison Crocker from the NSW Department of Industry – who have been helping Local, State and Federal governments in Australia to understand and use technology for community and stakeholder engagement

I feel very grateful also to have the support of six of Australia’s leading engagement technology software providers- Bang-the-Table, Harvest DP, Spatial Media, Converlens and Harava – supporting the event. They are preparing speed demos based on examples of how their tools are being used by Australian government’s and what they have learned through the process for everyone attending the event.

Finally I would like to thank you, those of you who have registered to participate. The EngageTech Forum is not a conventional event, it’s a professional development event designed for peer-to-peer sharing so that we can learn from and with each other. We already have participants from 29 organisations ready to share how they are using technology to engage registered for the event. Thank you for seeing value of this professional development opportunity, for coming with experiences and lessons and questions to share, for trusting us to facilitate this process and to collect your stories and thoughts. We’re really looking forward to meeting and hearing from you and we hope that the event, and post-event report helps you to support change and build the capability of your organisation.

Find out more about our speakers, our facilitator, our panelists and their work in this area below.

Bring your questions for our sponsors

Harvest Digital Planning creates participation technologies for smart cities and communities, working across all aspects of community engagement. They offer five products, The Hive, PolicyScape, PlaceStory, StreetPulse and CivicDocs, and expertise services around designing your engagements with good strategies from beginning to end.

Our Say, uses an AI-enabled platform, providing deep data insights extending to cross-demographic analytics and sentiment analysis. The data is crunched intelligently so users can confidently apply it. If a new challenge demands it, Our Say can create new code to be integrated into the platform to make it work better for organisations. Our Say also provides consulting, advisory services & training and education.

Spatial Media is a visual communications company with the goal to help organisations go from an initial idea to a virtual, augmented and mixed reality. With custom designed communications suite to engage audiences, it tells engagement stories from project inception through final delivery. Their solutions also provide vital data and statistical feedback for communications and stakeholder engagement.

Harava is an interactive map-based online engagement tool for smart planning. It enables organizations to conduct structured surveys with spatial data to gain a wider perspective for decision making. Harava will be presented by Arnetech, a Melbourne-based community engagement consultancy that provides expertise and the best engagement tools from around the world.

Bang the Table provides online stakeholder engagement services and supports government organisations by providing two unique software solutions: EngagementHQ stakeholder engagement platform, and participatory budgeting software, Budget Allocator. This organisation has experience supporting organisations to engage beyond consultation, building relationships with stakeholders, and moving communities online.

Converlens is powered by AI and designed to meet the needs of government by reaching the right participants, enabling ongoing contributions from the public and subject-matter experts, and closing the communications loop. This platform analyses data collected from multiple sources to generate insights and evidence for decision making, to better understand communities, and facilitate better engagement by reaching more of the right people.

Our speakers and facilitator

Dawn Routledge will be giving our opening address. Until recently Dawn worked as the Executive Director of Policy & Innovation at Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI). She led the development of the NSW Digital Strategy and pioneered the Open Government Program. Dawn is now the Executive Director Office of the Secretary at DFSI. DFSI is a central agency of NSW Government and is responsible for government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services and supports sustainable government finances across the NSW Government.

Pia Andrews, is the new Executive Director for Digital Government at NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. Pia has just returned to Australia after an 18-months in Wellington working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs creating a new ‘Service Innovation Lab’. The lab takes a ‘life journey’ approach to design and develop better public services for New Zealand. Returning to New South Wales, she steps is now driving the Digital Government Program for NSW Government which includes an agenda of open government, digital transformation, open and shared data, information policy, public innovation, service innovation and policy innovation.

Ross Dawson, Futurist, author and advisor to technology industry. Ross recently facilitated the Evolving Democracy event hosted by engage2 as part of the Vivid Ideas Festival and is regularly asked to provide insights into the way technology is changing governments.

Martin Stewart-Weeks will facilitate the EngageTech Forum in NSW. Martin is the founder of Public Purpose Pty Ltd, an independent advisory practice working at the intersection of government, policy, technology and innovation. You can read more about his work and interest in creating better policy in his new blog post  and here is an article Martin and I wrote for The Mandarin about the importance of using data collected through engagement.

Our panellists

Elizabeth Tydd, is NSW’s Information Commissioner. Elizabeth was a key advisor on the National Action Plan for Open Government in Australia convening information commissioners across the country to coordinate their input into the plan. As the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth promotes public awareness and understanding of the right to access government information in NSW. She is also passionate about public participation and in July of this year The NSW Information and Privacy Commission released the Charter for Public Participation a guide for NSW Government Agencies. Here is a video of me interviewing Elizabeth at engage2’s Democracy is Being Disrupted event in June of this year.

Iain Kendal, is the Acting Manager, Open Government Partnership, Strategic Policy Division, The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. This team is responsible for Action 5.2 of the National Action Plan for Open Government which commits to enhancing public participation in government decision making. Iain will share what he has learned about public participation, open government and technology for engagement through his work on Action 5.2 and his teams role in the Business Research and Innovation Initiative’s Digitally Enabled Community Engagement Challenge.

Alison Crocker, will talk about her new role as Director of Community Relations NSW Department of Industry, how the organisation is engages the community and their interest in the use of technology and data analytics support more effective stakeholder and community engagement.

Yvette Andrews, the Manager of the City of Sydney’s Strategic Community Consultation team will share her experiences engaging with community online and offline and the tools and methods she has found helpful and is most interested in experimenting with next.

And me, Amelia Loye, founder and Managing Director of engage2 but I consider myself a social scientist and engagement specialist first. I will share what I have learned while testing and implementing technologies for engagement in governments across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I will also share engagetech spectrum and how useful I have found it while making while helping government organisations select the right tools and design the best ICT and information management systems for their engagements.

I would also like to thank and introduce you to Maurits van der Vlugt, Roger Christie, Zoe Easter, Alice Simpson-Young and Ben Mouat who will be supporting Martin and I with facilitation on the day.

Thank you all for getting involved and for your support promoting and preparing for the event. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on this and I’m excitied to share this day with you all and everyone involved.

If you have registered you are in for a treat. If you haven’t you better get cracking, the EngageTech Forum is on the 1st November, get your ticket today!

Thank you for being part of EngageTech Forum NSW




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