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Why we started The EngageTech Community

Why we started The EngageTech Community

EngageTech Forum Community

We know that we are not the only ones comparing engagement technology and testing tools, and we believe that if we support each other to build our EngageTech capabilities, collectively, we might systematically institutionalise tools and processes that enrich democracy.

The EngageTech Forums were great for peer-to-peer learning but limited because we ran them using a not-for-profit model with tickets made affordable tickets through the sponsorship of technology companies. We are very grateful for their support, but now, we want to do something more community driven.

What is the EngageTech Community

The EngageTech Community is an online community of practice: a place for us to learn from and with each other. We just started the community on Linked In and would love to see you there. Linked In is free and offers us a platform for ongoing peer-to-peer learning. In the EngageTechCommunity, you can ask about tools and hear from the people using them, not just sales teams. Check out the group’s rules and ask us anything!

Why join the EngageTech Community

The EngageTech market is rapidly evolving, and it can take a lot of work to keep up with everything that everyone else in the industry is doing. In the EngageTech Community, you will meet others experimenting with new tools and scanning the market for everything from map-based engagement to AR and VR, in-place digital engagement technologies, and tools for data qualitative analysis and collaboration. So please join us and share your lessons too.

How you participate in The EngageTech Community

You may want to know what tool you should use on your engagement project, how to transform how your organisation analyses submissions or manages relationships, or what other engagement professionals think of the tools they are currently using. We are happy to answer your questions and hope you will share your knowledge too.

A like-minded Community

The EngageTech Community will start as an online LinkedIn group but may evolve if you want it to. If enough people ask questions about the same topic or a tool, we will run a virtual event and maybe even a face-to-face one too. For now, we want to offer our peers a place to learn and grow together. Join us at The EngageTech Community on Linked In to connect with engagement professionals using tech to engage communities across the globe.

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