Workshops and training

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Workshops and training

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engage2 run workshops and deliver training for people engaging citizens, stakeholders and community for government. We also speak at, host and facilitate events that encourage engaging leadership, open government and help governments transform for digital democracy.

Make your engagement more effective

We want to help you get the most out of your consultation and engagements. Workshop your engagement approach, select the right tools, and build capability in your organisation.

Training and masterclasses

We run engagement training for public servants who need to engage with citizens, stakeholders and community groups. Training can be tailored so your engagement approach is delivered consistently across your organisation or join a masterclass to build on what you already know.

Leverage our international network of experts

We work with engagement specialists around the world. Specialists in community visioning, engaging and collaborating for impact, qualitative data analytics, and people transforming the way government’s engage with and service citizens digitally.

Be an engaging leader

We run leadership events to help elected officials and executive use civic technology and engagement to open government, build trust, and collaborate for social impact.

Open government and transform for digital democracy

We provide keynote presentations, speak at, and facilitate events that enable intrapreneurs opening government and transforming governments for digital democracy. We have provided keynotes presentations, hosted and facilitated events on these topics in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Europe.

Amelia is just about to speak at TicTech in Florence about the impacts of civic technology and engage2 are currently facilitating the #NSWAcademy and its Allumni for Code for Australia.

Let us know what types of events you’re interested in and we’ll be in touch.

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