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Findings from the 2018 EngageTech Forums

Findings from the 2018 EngageTech Forums

Engage Tech Forums findings 2018 Australia and New Zealand

In 2018 engage2 held two EngageTech Forums: one in Wellington, New Zealand (NZ); and another in Sydney, Australia.

One hundred and thirteen people participated in the Forums from 44 government organisations in Australia and New Zealand. During the forums participants shared how they use technology for online and offline stakeholder and community engagement. More than 35 tools were mentioned by participants across the two Forums.

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This report summarises what we observed about the use of engagement technology through these events. It names the tool mentions and speaks to the way participants told us they were used them.

We have also shared a more detailed report about the projects discussed, use cases and the lessons and tips shared by participants with those involved.

Our next EngageTech Forum is being held in Auckland on the 15th May 2019 and we are already planning our 2020 Forums.

If you would like to find about more about the EngageTech Forums and how you might get involved please contact Amelia Loye on +61 411 960 585

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